The 6 Succulent Variety Pack

If you are new to the addictive habit of collecting succulents or like surprises, then you will fall in love with the 6 Succulent Variety Pack.

You will receive 6 succulent plants of different family varieties and every pack can be a different mix of names and colours.

You also receive instructions on how to look after them, including care, watering, fertilizing, pests and diseases.

You will also receive instructions on how to make your own succulent soil mix and suggestions on the ideal places to grow them.

Succulents are not only an attractive outdoor plant, they also help to filter the air indoors and release oxygen. Unlike most other plants, most succulents do not stop producing oxygen at night, so are the perfect indoor plant.

With many colours, styles and varieties available, you will soon find yourself in a long term relationship with Sexy Succulents.

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