When it is time to pot, either the plant has grown too big, or it is pot bound, that’s when you cannot squeeze the pot any more. Make sure whatever soil you use has good drainage, for example add sand or small stones to the mix as well as slow release fertilizer. This will help to keep your plant healthy.


  1. Potting mix, one bucket
  2. Coarse sand (without salt, it’s bad for the plants) or small rocks or gravel. One bucket
  3. Perlite or pumice, 2 buckets (small to coarse) I use one of each.
  4. Slow release fertilizer or cow mature can be used; just take note- can carry weed’s seeds. One cup of it.
  5. Peat moss. Third of a bucket.



Place cactus in a position where it will get good sunlight (approximate 4 hours to 6 hours a day) If plants start to grow thin on top, it requires brighter light.


In summer, once a week, unless the temperature gets higher than 30 degrees on average, then water twice a week. In spring and autumn, you reduce your watering to once a fortnight, and in winter, once a fortnight to once a month.


PEST – Aphids (greenfly) Mealy bugs, Scale, Spider Mites and Whiteflies.

CONTROL – Insecticidal soap will kill them or if you decided to use chemicals follow the directions closely. Just brush off Scales.


BASAL AND ROOT ROT – Portions of the plant can be saved if you can make healthy cuttings that are free from discoloration and rot.

COLD DAMAGE – CONTROL – withholding fertilizer and cutting back on water in the autumn (fall) will prepare hardy plants for winter. In a house or greenhouse circulation fans will even out the temperature and prevent cold spots.

For more information check out my blogs on my website, heaps of information will be there. There will be more advanced information on each heading of the blogs in the next couple of months.

Keep an eye out.

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